Meet The Team

Ben Soldinger - Originally from London, England. Fanatic Arsenal Supporter. Ben thrives on talking with the fans/supporters and getting an insight into their passion for their club.

Chris Julien - France Supporter. Podcast creator and consumer. In the constant pursuit of Lifelong Learning.

René Escobar Jr. - Huge Brazil supporter. When he’s not talking your ear off about the beautiful game, he’s an actor, writer, and proud German shepherd owner. Also believes that every great debate starts with coffee.

Backroom Staff

Chidi N. - Cameraman, Newcastle United supporter, video editor, and is still trying to platinum The Phantom Pain.

Echeta Okeke - Producer, odd job man. Liverpool supporter through the wind and the rain. Loves seeing all football fans of different teams come together and banter for the love of the game.

The Players (Hosts)